Live an adventure experience in the Galapagos aboard Santa Cruz II.

Get in touch with our Galapagos Destination Experts!

Live an adventure experience in the Galapagos aboard Santa Cruz II.

Get in touch with our Galapagos Destination Experts!

Santa Cruz II Galapagos Expedition Cruise Ship

Sleek and modern, the Santa Cruz II Expedition Cruise Ship is ready to send you on an adventure journey of the Galapagos Islands with all safety protocols. Perfect for groups of any size, it’s numerous and large social spaces will give you the ability to enjoy peaceful moments: by yourself or in groups, as you wish. Galapagos land and aquatic activities abound in the form of hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, coastal explorations, and even a glass-bottom boat (for those looking to witness the underwater world of the Galapagos Islands without getting wet)! Exceptional service and exquisite gastronomy await to complement the fascinating journey you’re destined to experience during your Galapagos adventure travel aboard the Santa Cruz II, be it with family, friends, or on your own!

Safe Travel in the Galapagos with Santa Cruz II Expedition Vessel

Important information regarding travel in the Galapagos

We have modified our protocols to include biosafety measures to ensure a pleasant and seamless stay aboard our Expedition Vessel. We’re happy to announce that we have received the Safe Travels stamp from the WTCC (World Travel and Tourism Council)! We’re, once again, ready to welcome tourists from all around the world! Let us guide you through this fantastic archipelago. Click here to read more about the travel requirements for Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.


Cruise cabins on the Santa Cruz II have been designed to offer its guests the perfect deluxe travel environment for a safe travel. This is the ideal place to relax, rest, and unwind after an unforgettable day of exploration. Modern and comfortable layouts will make your time onboard an incredibly enjoyable unique experience.

Impeccable bathroom aboard Santa Cruz II Galapagos


After a day of exploring and discovering the Galapagos, nothing beats unwinding in a cozy and capacious room, with an elegant and ample bathroom to boot!

Discovery Room at our Expedition deck.


In addition to being spacious, all cabins are continuously cleaned and kept tidy throughout the day, making for a pristine piece of paradise on water.

Spacious cabins available aboard Santa Cruz II Galapagos Cruise.


Don’t worry about amenities: our rooms and communal areas come fully equipped with everything you’ll need to feel like this Galapagos expedition vessel truly is your home-away-from-home.


With 5 separate decks, the Santa Cruz II Galapagos Expedition Cruise Ship is an excellent option for those looking to enjoy the modern and spacious comforts of their Expedition Vessel. Throughout every corridor and area, you’ll find plenty of space to sit back, relax, and enjoy your Galapagos tour.

First class service aboard Santa Cruz II Galapagos Cruise.


Relax, lounge out in the company of others, swap stories, and enhance your travel experience in the Galapagos Islands, a truly spectacular destination.

Facilities aboard Santa Cruz II Galapagos Cruise.


An onboard Hotel Manager, Le Cordon Bleu Gastronomic Director, attentive sailing team, and suave bartenders all work together to provide you with a superb level service throughout our Galapagos tours.

Social areas aboard Santa Cruz II Galapagos Cruise.


Enjoy the comfort and space of luxury cabins or find your own spot throughout any one of our numerous and spacious decks in our scenic cruise. Have no fear: there’s a space for everyone on this Galapagos cruise.

Doctor on board: Cruise safety is our primary goal!

Your health and safety have always been our top priorities! From the moment we started sailing in the Galapagos Islands, our ship has always had a well-supplied infirmary and a Doctor on board available 24/7. These measures have helped us provide our guests with a timely response to any discomfort they may be experiencing. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve reinforced our protocols to offer you a safe and pleasant stay! We’re proud to be part of the few boats in the Galapagos Islands that offer these features to their explorers!

Why Travel With Us?

The Santa Cruz II Galapagos Expedition Cruise Ship is a modern Expedition Vessel for the Modern Explorer. It even comes complete with a slew of perks too, including:

Visits not shared with other vessels aboard Santa Cruz II Galapagos Expedition Cruise Ship.

Exclusive Island Visits

99% of Galapagos visitor sites are not shared with other vessels. This means that your Galapagos tour will make for a more personal experience.

Multi-guided expeditions in Galapagos.

Small Groups

With an average group size of 11 guests per Galapagos National Park Guide, the Santa Cruz II offers one of the best guide-to-guest ratios in the Galapagos.

Santa Cruz II's itineraries include the most relevant visitor sites.

Great Coverage

The Santa Cruz II has Galapagos tours that balance out the best of what each region of the archipelago has to offer, including the most relevant species and must-see visitor sites.

Santa Cruz II's itineraries include the most relevant visitor sites.

Carbon Neutral

Preserving the delicate ecosystems of the Galapagos Islands and educating visitors about the archipelago is a big part of our mission. Additionally, the design and technology of the Santa Cruz II are aimed at compensating our cruise’s carbon emissions.

Galapagos Information

The Santa Cruz II Galapagos Expedition Cruise Ship offers comprehensive travel itineraries in one of the most pristine and awe-inspiring destinations in the world. The Galapagos Islands offer unforgettable experiences for those who seek adventure, knowledge, and a brand-new way to truly connect with nature.

Galapagos Islands Activities & Wildlife

Santa Cruz II is truly the safest and most complete Galapagos Expedition Cruise Ship. With multiple guides aboard our vessel, guests have the added advantage of being able to pick and choose from a wide variety of Galapagos National Park approved activities. This allows guests to explore the islands in more ways than just one, balancing their time and exploration in perfect harmony.

Galapagos Cruise Travel Reviews

Finding it all hard to believe? Don’t just take our word for it – find out what our guests’ travel stories aboard our Santa Cruz II Galapagos Expedition Cruise Ship!

Excellent trip. Viagem maravilhosa. A dream. Um sonho. Serviço de primeira, guias fantásticos, funcionários super gentis, paisagens incríveis.
Mariangela Hungria
Mariangela H.
My partner and I decided to join the Santa Cruz II on its Eastern Islands expedition tour and we were extremely glad we got to experience it. First off you are picked up from the airport in Baltra where they take your luggage and you join the rest of the guests on a private bus which takes you to the dock. From there you don your lifejackets and are swiftly taken across the harbour in a Zodiac dinghy to the Santa Cruz II where you are warmly greeted by the onboard staff.With a cold juice drink in hand, and a refreshing towel you check in at reception and are taken straight to your private room with a guided tour of the boat and the amenities of your room. Then, from here onwards the fun really starts!For the next 7 days the wonderful crew and team take you on a magical adventure through the islands where you get to witness and experience wildlife you could only dream of or have seen on a David Attenborough show. For me the highlight was the sheer amount of Blue Footed Boobies and giant tortoises that were just everywhere. But we also saw Red Footed Boobies, Herons, Sea Lions, Friggits, Darwins Finches, many types of Iguanas, Sea Turtles, Owls, Sharks, Mockingbirds, Albatros, small Lizards and plenty of colourful fish. This is combined with the guides extremely in-depth knowledge of the animals, science, history, and culture which really brings the whole experience to life. You will get to visit the Charles Darwin Centre on Santa Cruz island which is where Lonely George used to live and is now home to Diego who is the newest celebrity. This was especially a highlight for me as I have wanted to go here my entire life being a huge Darwin fan. Fancy something more fun? No worries! The Santa Cruz II has plenty to keep you occupied. With regular hikes planned everyday this is the best way to see the animals first hand. Then its jam packed with water sports, such as kayaking, snorkelling, beach walks, chilling on the beach, Cycling, Moonshine tasting, Coffee tasting, Zodiac rides, glass bottom boat rides and paddle boarding. The ship itself has a main bar on the 3rd floor which also doubles up as the briefing/lecture/talk room with comfy chairs and tables and also leads out to more to tables and chairs outside where you can sit and enjoy a drink watching the sunset. The main restaurant is on the ground floor and provides breakfast, lunch and dinner daily with a wide range of delicious dishes and cuisines to keep everyone happy. Juice is provided only at breakfast, but water, coffee, and tea's are free throughout the day. On the 2nd floor you will find the library which is jam packed with interesting books about the Galapagos, as well more comfy chairs to hang out in, as well the coffee/tea machine and small snacks should you get hungry. At the other end is where you will find 2 jacuzzis which are the perfect way to relax after a hike or a dive. You can also find two washing machines and dryers which are free to use.Head to the 4th floor and this is where you will find the gym and the top deck with sun loungers and even more chairs to hang out in and get some spectacular views from.Want to buy some gifts? Then this is located next door to reception on the 1st floor.Wifi is available for purchase at around $40 USD per device. Although it is a little weak when you're not close to the main islands as its via satellite. The room itself was very spacious, comfortable and perfect for our needs during the 7 days aboard. The bed was very cosy with fluffy pillows and warm duvets. There is a security box in the wardrobe, extra blankets, a desk, chair, mirror, bed side table, ensuite bathroom with free toiletries, shower, hairdryer and lots of towels. Housekeeping is several times a day and you the whole boat is immaculately clean, no matter how hard you try to make it messy. Every day is action packed and you will certainly get your monies worth with this cruise which we absolutely loved! The great part is you can do as much or as little as you want, leaving you to go at your own pace and make it more tailored to how you want to enjoy the Galapagos. It goes without saying that the Galapagos is incredibly stunning and I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who really wants to explore and immerse yourself in its beauty. Sadly, once the tour is coming to an end on the 7th day, you have your final breakfast and get to enjoy a slideshow which the onboard photographer has put together of your trip and is really fun to watch! You then disembark to the zodiacs with just your hand luggage (checked luggage is taken separately) and once on the main land you are taken by private bus again to the airport where you will say goodbye to your new friends. If you are uncertain about what tour or cruise to take then without a doubt you should book this one.
Lee Scarratt
Lee S.
excelente la atención. siempre estuvieron pendientes de mi mami y mi tía que son adultos mayores, así también de mis hijas. lo recomiendo pasamos los 5 mejores días el cumpleaños de mi mamita 24 de Julio lo festejamos muy bien!!
Maria Fernanda Rodriguez Saa
Maria Fernanda Rodriguez S.
Amazing life time trip! Excellent accommodations, staff, guides and service. A really great adventure!
Kenneth Cutler
Kenneth C.
Great Experience, excellent Service, TOP Guides... it was a once in a lifetime journey. I couldn't find any negativ point. In my opinion, the Santa Cruz II is the best way to explore the Galapagos Islands. Absolutely loved it. THANKS TO EVERYBODY
Kristin Forstinger
Kristin F.
Excellent service. Great guides. Wonderful tour plan. We enjoyed the time we have spent on the ship and on the islands very much. And thanks for sending the photos and videos
יהודית מילר
יהודית מ.
Had the most wonderful time aboard the Santa Cruz II. The staff were incredible, the food amazing and the Islands stunning. Didn’t want to leave and saving madly to come back. Thank you all for making this a holiday to remember.
Jess Stillwell
Jess S.
El crucero a Galápagos en el Santa Cruz fué fantástico La empresa Metropolitan y el manejo del crucero y de pasajeros está a la altura de las mejores del mundo . Instalaciones de primera con un servicio excelente personas que operan el crucero desde Capitán del barco los meseros, el restaurante ,los guías y hasta los que manejan las pangas y los transbordos a tierra o paseos en el mar son personas excelentes profesionales en sus servicios que le hacen vivir parte de esa maravillosa experiencia de contacto con la naturaleza, también se aprende muchas cosas aparte de sentirse muy seguro Yo estoy feliz de haber elegido pasar con mi familia mi cumpleaños en esta inolvidable experiencia en El Santa Cruz ll. Galápagos es un tesoro de la naturaleza único que debemos preservarlo con todo esfuerzo privado y por parte del gobierno haciendo cumplir las leyes y reglamentos para que así sea . Felicito de una manera especial a METROPOLITAN TOURING Empresa Líder con excelencia en todos sus emprendimientos, por contribuir promocionando el turismo en nuestro país y todo lo que eso implica para el desarrollo . Consuelo Teran de Ribadeneira
Consuelo Teran Wray
Consuelo Teran W.
Incredible, excellent service from staff. The food was out of this world. Gorgeous ocean views the entire trip. One of the best experiences of my life.
Missa Villalobos
Missa V.
We had the greatest time on this cruise. Everything was amazing, the crew were great, the food was excellent and the guides were very professional. There was never a dull moment. This was a once in a lifetime experience, thank you for making it great!
Liat Adi Levi
Liat Adi L.
Hizo de nuestro viaje a las Islas Galápagos una de las experiencias mas inolvidables en nuestra vida matrimonial, excelentes instalaciones, puntualidad, tripulación superando espectativas, comida espectacular, en resumen un servicio inigualable.Gracias por ser parte de nuestras vidas, así mismo agradecer infinitamente a Dayanna de Metropolitan Touring Ecuador y esperamos volver pronto!!!
Juan Nunura Ramos
Juan Nunura R.
Excellent staff and cabins..........great time..........did the 5 day, 4 nights April 2017........plan to return in the future for a longer stay...If you want a great ship and staff book the Santa Cruz II...........
Ricky Smith
Ricky S.
Wow la mejor opción para conocer y disfrutar en Galápagos, gracias por las atenciones a mi familia en especial a mi niña Emma.
Freddy Pila
Freddy P.
Sin lugar a dudas el mejor crucero que hasta hoy he tomado, la naturaleza se disfruta y se vive de forma única. La puntualidad, el servicio a bordo, las excursiones en las islas, sus guías naturalistas, la comida deliciosa y la tripulación con sus detalles y servicio inigualable hacen de esta experiencia una de las mejores de mi vida viajera. Completamente recomendable, si te gusta la naturaleza Galápagos es un imperdible para los que disfrutamos de los animales.
Ivette Peralta
Ivette P.
very good trip every body was excellent I wood not miss it for the world.Eli&yardena
Eli Schreter
Eli S.
Visiting the Galápagos Islands was one of those significant and pivotal lifetime events for me and the staff, crew and naturalists of the Santa Cruz II made it all the more special. They went out of their way to ensure everybody got the most out of every aspect of the cruise and this very special part of the world.
Peter Knight
Peter K.
Breathtaking! Best trip of our lives. Thank you for making every single day so magical!
Karla Sofía
Karla S.
The crew and staff of the Santa Cruz II you were all great fun and work so hard to ensure that every single person enjoyed their time on and off the ship. The cruise was just perfect and surpassed our expectations. I cannot praise it enough it was truly a trip of a lifetime for us both and one that we will remember for the rest of our days! Thank you!
Edna Kennealy
Edna K.
Best regards to the staff at the Santa Cruz II and the Metropolitan Touring Ecuador. Our trip was one of our most memorable to the Galapagos Islands. The time on this beautiful ship could have not been better curated and organized. Thank you and VIVA ECUADOR ! ! Kade, Aven and Stephen Barber - Cabins 119 & 121
Stephen Grisham Barber
Stephen Grisham B.
Thank you to the captain and the crew for a most fantastic trip! Every day was such fun. The cruise was a wonderful learning opportunity and a chance to see so many animals. I was thrilled and only wish I could have stayed longer.
Sophie Friedman
Sophie F.
Our trip to the Galápagos Islands on the Santa Cruz ll was beyond any and all expectations. The staff was phenomenal! All the guides were kind, happy and especially knowledgeable! Our Frigates guide Roberto was of course the best however . I will highly recommend this line and that everyone take this trip of a lifetime. Everything you hear is true!
Denise Greenberg Goldberg
Denise Greenberg G.
Estuve a finales de marzo y fue una experiencia y atención como pocas, excelente
Rafael D Useche Suescun
Rafael D Useche S.
El mejor viaje único y muy hermoso jamás lo olvidaré, fue una exelente manera de conocer Galápagos de esta manera. Gracias!
Dennis Hernán Hidalgo
Dennis Hernán H.
This cruise/tour was exceptional! The staff was very attentive, anticipating our needs before we realized we had one. The tour was very well organized. They kept us very busy, we got to see and do a lot, without feeling overwhelmed. I would highly recommend this trip.
Lynn Ogren
Lynn O.
Hermoso barco, hermosa estadía, con la mejor tripulación y la comida es espectacular
Lenin López
Lenin L.
The best way to get a comprehensive tour of the Galapagos. Very good guides, ship staff and RIB drivers. Make sure you have extra time afterwards to relax in the Galapagos or when returning to Ecuador. The itinerary is not overcrowded, but there is an exceptional amount to see, photograph and film!
John Beech
John B.
Excelente , hermoso crucero volvería sin dudarlo , lo mejor en expedición...!!!
Maggy Salazar
Maggy S.
La mejor experiencia, el mejor lugar para relajarte y disfrutar del paraíso encantado como son las islas Galápagos! Tour interislas lo máximo!
Daniela Bastidas J
Daniela Bastidas J

Responsible travel in the Galapagos

Maintaining a pristine ecosystem is one of our most important responsibilities. Our Carbon Neutral policy is a crucial component of our sustainable tourism practices and we aim to create environmentally friendly travel experiences in the Galapagos Islands. Aboard our Santa Cruz II Galapagos Cruise, we reuse, reduce, recycle, practice waste reduction, and treat and filter our potable water in order to minimize our carbon footprint.
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