Our Spaces & Accommodation Options

Our Spaces & Accommodation Options

Santa Cruz II's Cabins & Decks

The Santa Cruz II Galapagos Cruise is a spacious ship with a total of five decks. Guests won’t have trouble finding their way around either, due to its intuitive layout, wide hallways, and broad stairwells. And it has it all: dining spaces, social areas, hot tubs, a gym, an entertainment room, a bar and lounge, and even a fully-stocked library.

A total of 50 cruise cabins, which are very spacious and impeccably clean (all with their own private bathroom) provide room for up to 90 guests. There are a variety of cabin options, too. These include: single, double, and family cabins. However, if guests desire a truly deluxe travel experience, the exclusive Darwin Suites are also available, which meet an exceptional standard of accommodation and are found on the Santa Cruz II Galapagos Cruise’s Panorama Deck.

Elegant & Intimate Deck Spaces

Solarium at the Sun deck aboard Santa Cruz II Cruise.


Guests can relish the Galapagos Islands landscapes at the rear terrace, which also doubles as an area for enjoying Happy Hour specials or freshly barbecued snacks. On the same deck, guests are also welcome to hang out at the indoor bar and lounge or visit our state-of-the-art bridge.

Discovery Room at our Expedition deck.


Offers spaces where guests can relax and enjoy their Galapagos vacations basking in the sun at the very top of the vessel. The solarium/sun deck and fitness room are located here.

Our Bar & Lounge is on the Panorama Deck.


Facing the front of the ship, the Expedition Lounge – complete with a refreshment station and library – is a fantastic place to admire the beauty of the Galapagos Islands from inside. This deck also features twin hot tubs at the rear (outside) and a Discovery Room for entertainment.

Cabins at the Horizon deck aboard Santa Cruz II Cruise.


In addition to all the Explorer cabins, you will find the gift shop, reception area, and the infirmary on this deck, where a Medical Officer is on call 24/7 (consultations are free of charge).

Beagle restaurant at the Ocean deck aboard Santa Cruz II Galapagos Cruise.


On the lowest level of our ship is the magnificent and large Beagle Restaurant – a space to pamper your senses and delight your palate with all of the exquisite culinary offerings.


Plan of decks aboard Santa Cruz II Galapagos Cruise.

Decks aboard Santa Cruz II Galapagos Cruise.

Voyager, Explorer Twin, Explorer Family, Darwin Suite

Voyager cabin aboard Santa Cruz II Galapagos Cruise.

Voyager cabin plan.

Explorer cabin plan.

Explorer twin cabin aboard Santa Cruz II Galapagos Cruise

Explorer family cabin aboard Santa Cruz II Galapagos Cruise.

Explorer family cabin plan

Darwin Suite plan.

Darwin suite aboard Santa Cruz II Galapagos Cruise.

Cabin Amenities & Features

Air conditioning
Safe box onboard Santa Cruz II Galapagos Cruise
In-room safe
Outlets are available in our cabins and decks.
Reading lights are available in our cabins.
Reading lights
Wifi onboard Santa Cruz II Galapagos Cruise
Internet (available for an additional fee)
Hair dryer is available in our cabins.
Hair Dryer