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Playtime for Young Galapagos Sea Lions in South Plaza

Playtime for Young Galapagos Sea Lions in South Plaza

Every island in the Galapagos archipelago is full of surprises waiting to be discovered. Every stop on your Galapagos cruise is home to so much life that you will inevitably feel renewed after your trip. Some Galapagos creatures even have the ability to fill us with so much peace and joy that they end up making us fall in love with them. This is the case with the ever-playful young Galapagos sea lions.

The Magic of Colour

It’s amazing what a little rain can do for the environment. So many changes take place in nature when nourished by drops of water. In Galapagos, that change is quite noticeable. From the dry season to the hot season (characterized by its tropical drizzles), the archipelago environment experiences drastic changes, both visually and biologically. From afar, the islands change from a grey-brownish to a vibrant light green. Both seasons have their particularities, but they don’t really affect the amount of wildlife that visitors will find. This is one of the Galapagos’ charms! Wildlife is roaming all-year round!

Beautiful Changes

On this occasion, our guests experienced one of the most picturesque islands – South Plaza. We spent the morning walking around this amazing place and it was awesome to get to see the contrast in colour. The shades follow a beautiful gradient that changes from a dark blue and green over in the deep water to a lighter tone as it gets closer to the coast. These tones contrast with the naturally polished white rocks that sit on the beach and the light green plants and bushes. The latter combines harmoniously with some patches of brownish-reddish dry vegetation, very common during the dry season.


The Beloved Young Galapagos Sea Lions

The changes are not just seen with the vegetation but in the animal kingdom as well. Today we all got to see a very entertaining event that almost seemed as if it had been staged for us because it certainly looked planned out. Right on the narrow concrete path that leads to the small dock, we were met by a couple of young Galapagos sea lions playing. They were right in the middle of the road, totally unaware and uninterested in our presence, preventing anyone from coming in or out of the island. They were just there, full of energy, playing with each other, climbing on top of each other and chasing the other one away until they finally realized they had spectators. Just like many younglings that are still curious and unafraid, they were really drawn to the crowd gathering around them. Soon enough they just wanted to get closer to our group and see what we were all about. It’s impossible not to feel totally hypnotized by these lovely creatures, which in turn were also very fascinated by us. It was a rare case of men and fauna being peacefully curious of each other. And a very beautiful moment!

Young Galapagos sea lions

Young Galapagos sea lions

Eventually they got bored with our presence and jumped in the water to continue their games. Though right before diving into the crystal clear Galapagos sea, they did have the grace to pose for us, allowing us to take a couple of shots and amazing memories of this incredible visit to South Plaza back home with us.

Martín Barreiro

Martin Barreiro, born and raised in Quito in 1982, began studying photography as soon as he got out of high school. Soon after this, he found himself with the opportunity to live in London, England, which is where he continued his career in photography while experiencing the European culture. Afterwards, he moved to Houston, Texas, where he got a degree as a Professional Commercial Photographer.

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