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A whale in Isabela Island, a big surprise!

A whale in Isabela Island, a big surprise!

Punta Vicente Roca – Isabela Island, 09-June-2016: It was early in the morning and everyone was enjoying the dinghy ride (panga ride) along Isabela’s coastline, as that was the scheduled activity for the morning. There were several pangas in the water spread out in a large area; some were near the island and others were a little bit further into the ocean. Out of nowhere everyone got a call from the first panga, the one leading the group, alerting us of some unusual species making a totally unexpected surprise appearance and inviting all of us to get near them to maybe get a chance to see the same thing. As the first dinghy was far ahead and a little far from the island it took every other dinghy quite some time to catch up with it. When finally everyone was there the Naturalist Guide shared the news that he spotted a Bryde’s whale in the area and was trying to see if it was possible to spot it again. This particular kind of whale in Isabela Island is very hard to follow as they don’t have a set route and don’t swim in a straight line. Obviously everyone was very excited trying to spot the whale and we all stayed there for a long time. Finally our time and effort paid off as we were all able to see the whale surfacing again.

Cameras where clicking and people where pointing at it but sadly we only saw the whale that one time as it quickly dove into the ocean and disappeared into the depths. Luckily mostly everyone got to see the whale so we left the area with high spirits to continue what turned out to be a panga ride to remember for years to come.

Martín Barreiro

Martin Barreiro, born and raised in Quito in 1982, began studying photography as soon as he got out of high school. Soon after this, he found himself with the opportunity to live in London, England, which is where he continued his career in photography while experiencing the European culture. Afterwards, he moved to Houston, Texas, where he got a degree as a Professional Commercial Photographer.

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