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Waved Albatrosses Flying!

Waved Albatrosses Flying!

July 2-6 – “Today was a beautiful morning, though a little hazy and drizzly but fresh so we could venture out. The island is called Hood or Española, one of the oldest islands in Galapagos. From afar we can see sea lions, the waves crashing against the shores but that’s nothing in comparison to what we can observe there… waved albatrosses flying! Waved Albatrosses are the largest birds in the Galapagos, only found on this island. A little over 10,000 couples choose this island to breed naturally every year. We have probably seen thousands today, some already with nests and eggs, and some just starting to make a nest, soon the island will be filled with eggs and chicks. Besides the Waved Albatrosses, we found blue-footed boobies, Nazca boobies, Galapagos hawks, marine iguanas, mocking birds.  A real treat for all of us!”

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Hiroyoshi Tanaka

I love searching tours that will give additional outstanding services, I think it's great that things are really happening in the Galapagos Islands right now. Be yourself and travel hard.

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