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Travelling into the Past

Travelling into the Past

Española Island, one of the oldest islands of the archipelago, appears in the distance as the Galapagos cruise Santa Cruz II sails closer to it. From the moment we reach the little pier and start walking onto land, we are greeted by sea lions and marine iguanas. Seeing these prehistoric sea lizards is like travelling into the past. The trail leads us into the island’s arid forest, where we find the marvelous waved albatross, the only of those majestic Galapagos birds that lives in the tropics. They seem very curious to find out who or what we are; they stare at us with their funny faces for a few seconds.

This island is a great nesting site for the albatross and many sea birds, a paradise for wildlife.

Mauricio Tomala

Since a little kid, Mauricio fell in love with nature. Back in 1989 when his father got a teaching job in Galapagos, Mauricio and his entire family moved to the islands.

He became a Galapagos National Park guide in 1999. Since then, Mauricio has led many trips around the islands. He was also a Trip Leader in mainland Ecuador, as well as in Lima, Cuzco and Machu Pichu, Peru.

Mauricio has travelled all over south america, and that has helped him to understand better the biodiversity of the whole continent. He is fluent in Spanish, German & English.

After many years of experience, he has developed a passion for geology, genetics and history. His studies include a Bachelor and a Master degree in law. He is currently doing his Phd in enviromental law at Castilla La Mancha University of Spain.

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