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Top 3 Things You Can Only Do In Galapagos (Vol. 1)

Top 3 Things You Can Only Do In Galapagos (Vol. 1)

The stranger the place, the more unique it becomes, the more memorable it is and the eternal novelties that spring! The Galapagos is teeming with experiences that, dare we say it? Are almost entirely exclusive to visitors that come to the archipelago! That’s right! There’s things in the Galapagos that you simply won’t be able to experience anywhere else in the world. So grab your cameras and earn your bragging rights! Here’s a handful of things we can guarantee that you’ll only get to experience in the enchanted isles, all while aboard the Santa Cruz II Galapagos cruise… and there’s plenty more that we’ll reveal in future blog posts, too!

Lounge on the Beach and Have Sea Lions Lie Down Right Beside You!

Imagine yourself soaking up the sun and listening to the waves lap up against the azure shores that linger within inches of your toes. Serenity at last, and in a place like this, it’s truly unlike anything else. You’ll realize it the moment your reverie is pleasantly interrupted by the *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* of an incoming sea lion that wants to settle down and enjoy it with you!

sea lion encounter galapagos

These fearless creatures have nothing to lose as they scrunch over beside you and bask in the shores of a place they themselves call home. Go ahead and snap a selfie while you’re laying down there with them! They’ll be more than curious to ogle the device in your hand, as well as your curious scent and features! Heck, you might even get to follow their lead in an impromptu yoga session led by the interpretive and wacky stretches of the sea lions themselves!

Swim With Sea Turtles!

Often moving supremely slowly and gracefully, sea turtles will often blend in almost seamlessly with the surfaces they glide over or hang out around. It’s not uncommon that, while snorkeling, you’ll twitch the moment you find yourself swimming right next one! They’re actually really that “chill” about it!

Finding Nemo wasn’t far off at all when they represented these sea creatures as being the “surfer dudes” of the underwater world. If you’re snorkeling, you can swimming right up to them and synchronize with the total sense of tranquility and ease that they emanate from their slow-motion flippers, perhaps peering into their tired-looking and wise old gaze.

Stand Right Next to Blue-footed Boobies (and their chicks)!

Striking and dazzling with their vivid, blue-colored feet, the blue-footed booby in the Galapagos is perhaps one of the archipelago’s most iconic species. And the best part? You’ll have the chance to stand literally within inches of their mesmerizing feet and goofy-looking stare.

handsome blue footed booby

Their handsome plumage and colors are other things to be smitten with, but if you’re lucky you’ll also get to examine their chicks with their adorable-looking down feathers! Often times, you’ll witness them either being fed by their parents or catching a snooze in some rather funny positions sometimes!

booby and chick galapagos

Christopher Klassen

With parents that worked for the U.S. Foreign Service up until he graduated from high school, Chris was raised to have the heart of a nomad throughout his life. He has resided in Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia, Panama and Ecuador throughout his years, and just recently spent the past four up in Canada finishing his Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy & English at the University of British Columbia.

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