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Galapagos sea lions

World-class expeditions

  • Exclusive island visits: 99% of visitor sites are not shared with other vessels
  • Small groups: With only 11 guests per guide Santa Cruz II has one of the best guest-guide ratios of Galapagos
  • Expert itineraries: Designed by naturalist guides and connoisseurs, our itineraries balance out the best islands and the most relevant species – an ideal Galapagos Big 15 wildlife experience
  • On-board expedition leader: Constant monitoring of island and sea conditions to ensure the best possible adventure experience.
  • Aquatic activities: Glass-bottom boat, kayaks, snorkelling, swimming, and pangabased coastal exploration
  • Opportunities for: State-of-the-art technology for multimedia presentations and natural history lectures as well as an ample reading room stocked with books about the human and natural history of the islands
  • Separate lecture rooms: Available for simultaneous presentations
  • Special options: With 6 to 8 guides on board, various options may be offered. On Western and Eastern Galapagos itineraries, free of charge options range from hiking through the unique Scalesia forest, downhill biking, visiting an organic coffee plantation and strolling to Tortuga Bay to kayak or merely unwinding
  • Kid-friendly: The “Pirates Aboard” program provides several materials and activities for younger travellers, and our children-friendly meals, eating schedules, panga rides, and bridge visits with the Captain are all examples of our efforts to offer something for everyone


Luxury cruising and generous accommodations

  • A multi-cultural social experience: 90 guests in 50 cabins have the opportunity to interact, share similar interests and learn together
  • Privacy: A top 5 guest-space ratio (29.6:1) amongst Galapagos passenger vessels means you can find your own space when you want
  • Flexible accommodation arrangements: 90% of all cabins include convertible beds and 72% of cabins are interconnected
  • Solo traveller friendly: 7 cabins available for single guest use at the most affordable rate of any Galapagos cruise
  • Modern style: Swedish-designed cabins reflect the latest in cruise trends
  • Ample public spaces: Numerous outdoor social areas, including an outdoor terrace for BBQ snacks, an observation deck for equatorial stargazing, two hot tubs, a cardio-gym, and a sun deck
  • Spacious cabins: Some of the largest cabins of any Galapagos expedition vessel
  • Permanent visual contact with the island environment: Large windows throughout the ship


Service and gastronomy

  • Impeccable service: A guest/crew ratio of 3:2 (for every 3 guests, the ship has two staff members) for the journey of your life
  • Indulgences: Our highly trained staff will surprise you with unexpected details that elevate your enjoyment
  • Cordon Bleu-Trained Gastronomy Director: Expect fine cuisine throughout your stay with gourmet international options as well as local delicacies.
  • Special dietary needs: we can accommodate special dietary needs including vegetarian, lactose-free, gluten-free, and allergies. Just let us know in advance.

Santa Cruz II

Safety and technology

  • Health care: A 24/7 Medical Officer (M.D.) on board and a well-equipped infirmary
  • Certifications: For passenger and crew safety, our vessel is fully compliant with all IMO, MARPOL, and SOLAS guidelines.
  • Highly experienced captains: Internationally accredited by the Ecuadorian Merchant Marine with decades of experience navigating the archipelago and its reefs
  • Environmentally responsible: Modern engine technology for lower fuel consumption, on-board water production (desalination plant) and water treatment plant to reduce each guest’s environmental impact and special lights designed to reduce insect attraction and its related accidental dispersal


60+ years of experience and social responsibility

  • Industry leaders: Only tourism company in Ecuador’s top 500 list of companies
  • Pioneers: First tour operator to offer cruises in Galapagos
  • Owners/Operators: We take pride in our investments in Galapagos travel options
  • Best business practices: We incorporate all international and local financial, legal, environmental and human labour regulations, including sustainable tourism principles
  • We give back: Long-standing social and environmental programs support the local community and aim to reduce tourism’s impact while increasing its benefits


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