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 Fantastic experience – Galapagos 6 day Central and Eastern Islands on Santa Cruz II. Perfect vacation if you want nature, activity, relaxation, education, delicious food and superb service. While a smaller ship might seem cooler, we were very happy we picked Santa Cruz II – no issues with sea sickness, plenty of room to spread out — enjoy coffee in the library, lectures in the bar, hot tub after snorkeling, etc. Cabin was well designed and felt plenty spacious (Expedition Deck Explorer). We had one naturalist for our group of 8. I believe the ship has accommodations for 90 guests, so when they visit an island they have booked all the spots and it feels like we have most of the islands all to ourselves. Metropolitan is an Ecuador-based travel company. It seems only appropriate when visiting the Galapagos to go with a local company. Most of the staff on the boat grew up and live on the islands. This vacation exceeded our expectations in every way. The wildlife, the learning and the superb service. Highest recommendation.