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 Quito stay + 5-day Galapagos Northern Island Tour on the Santa Cruz ll. Metropolitan Touring is the most professional and delightfully welcoming enterprise…On the ship the service was incredible. We were immediately greeted by the crew handing out juices and warm wet towels for our faces and hands that really set the tone for the level of service we were about to receive…The crew was the nicest and most accommodating. Our cabins were constantly clean, and they moved with stealth during their nightly turn down service. The panga drivers were the unsung hero of every outing, and managed to be indispensable and inconspicuous… It was all a dream of an experience on board that ship, and I haven’t even gotten to nature part…if you are considering the Santa Cruz ll, or even if you are not and stumbled on this, do yourself a favor and book this. The Galapagos is a once in a lifetime destination and it would be a disservice to your existence to not stay with the best.