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Solo Travel in Galapagos: What’s the Best Way to Go About It?

Solo Travel in Galapagos: What’s the Best Way to Go About It?

Some say traveling alone is the single best gift you can ever give yourself. Many times, when we travel alone, we experience the world in a way that’s wholly different: we learn about just how much we’re capable of and get clearer sense of who we are exactly. We often times are better able to focus in on and enjoy the things that truly ignite our interest. Ultimately, we let the world change us in the best way possible – we walk away more sure of ourselves, and less afraid to throw ourselves into the unknown. And the best part? We become storytellers. The hardest part? Deciding on where exactly we want to go. But doesn’t a place nicknamed the enchanted isles sounds like the perfect location for someone looking for a bit of magic, wonder and most importantly – adventure?

solo travel in galapagos

Swimming with sea lions in Champion Islet

For solo travellers, we can’t think of a better place to recommend than the Galapagos Islands, and what better way to do it than by travelling aboard the Santa Cruz II Galapagos cruise. In fact, our expedition vessel offers one of the best deals when it comes to travelling alone aboard a ship in the archipelago.

A (Santa Cruz II) Deal That’s Practically Impossible to Ignore

Nearly all ships in the Galapagos charge an additional fee for a single room on an expedition vessel. This fee on other boats tends to be up to 100% of the value of the original cost, meaning you’re paying double the price just to have a room to yourself. You might as well travel with a companion and share the room with them in this case, as this additional fee often discourages solo travelers from ever going alone to Galapagos!

solo travel in galapagos

One of our rooms for solo travellers

On the Santa Cruz II, however, we’re not nearly so brash when it comes to the pricing of our rooms for solo travelers. On our Galapagos cruise, we have two ways of dealing with this conundrum when it comes to solo travel in Galapagos: 1.) we offer single rooms for solo guests or 2.) should these rooms already be reserved or occupied, we only charge solo travelers an additional 15% of the original cost to occupy a double room.

solo travel in galapagos

All this for a solo traveller, at a fraction of the cost of what other ships charge.

Solo Travel in Galapagos: Always in Good Company

Aboard the Santa Cruz II, you’re getting more than just a complete and thorough batch of itineraries that explore the islands. You also get one of the best levels of service aboard our ships, complete with top-notch catering and fun activities that allow for plenty of interaction between other guests and our friendly staff. All of our itineraries cover as much of our Galapagos BIG15 list of iconic species as possible, giving you the chance to see as many of the must-see creatures in Galapagos as possible.

During meals and throughout each activity during the day, you’ll get to meet plenty of people from all over the world. Meals provide the perfect opportunity to sit down and share the fun and incredible experiences that you’ve had that day, while learning from different people and their refreshing perspectives, cultures, and countries. There’s always something to talk about when you’re sailing through the enchanted isles, and should the words never suffice to express a feeling or an ineffable thought for the sights that you’re experiencing – just know that silence is always golden here.

When it comes the Santa Cruz II, the only real danger in going to the Galapagos alone is that you may never want to leave.

solo travel in galapagos

Enjoying the hot tub aboard Santa Cruz II


Christopher Klassen

With parents that worked for the U.S. Foreign Service up until he graduated from high school, Chris was raised to have the heart of a nomad throughout his life. He has resided in Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia, Panama and Ecuador throughout his years, and just recently spent the past four up in Canada finishing his Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy & English at the University of British Columbia.

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