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Snorkel in Santiago Island, School of Rays

Snorkel in Santiago Island, School of Rays

Bucaneer’s Cove – Santiago Island17/MAY/2016 – The day started with a beautiful sunrise in Santiago Island. Groups disembarked in no particular order as there were only two scheduled activities: long panga rides or snorkel. I, of course, went snorkeling. We had the chance to go on a short panga ride before. We saw the monk shaped rock, and some lava gulls. Everybody was excited and anxious to snorkel in Santiago Island and spot some big whitetip reef sharks.

At first, it was all a bit monotonous, some surgeons and many small fish. No sharks. Suddenly a large group of “something” started to get closer and closer. Nobody could believe it! A school of more than one hundred rays were swimming not only towards us but also just below us. I still believe there were much more than a hundred. They were beautiful! They swam at a slow pace showing off their magnificence. I dived and dived and continued diving in order to get some good shots for the video, but still, no camera in the world could ever show the exact same display we had just in front of us. People who didn’t know how to dive started asking me how to go deeper in order to get a bit closer to these amazing animals. Bucaneer’s cove will always have a special meaning for everybody who was able to watch this show gifted to us by nature. Later on, we did see two big whitetip reef sharks, no less amazing than the rays, but I mean, c’mon, there were just too many to even be counted. It was an unforgettable experience to snorkel in Santiago Island!

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