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Feeding Frenzy and snorkelling in Santiago Island

Feeding Frenzy and snorkelling in Santiago Island

Buccaneer’s Cove, 28-June-2016 – The activity for the morning was deep water snorkelling in Santiago Island, and in order to get to the proper spot we had to take a short dinghy ride which all of us were enjoying. There is a rock in the middle of the water, near the coast of Santiago Island, close to Buccaneer’s Cove, that is well known for having a concentration of Nazca boobies, one of the most representative bird species of the Enchanted Islands and since it is on the way, the pangas always make a quick stop there. We were fortunate enough to see not only Nazca boobies there but also frigates, gulls and brown noddy terns.

While all of us were busy taking pictures, our naturalist Daniel, spotted something in the coast of the main island that caught his attention. Daniel told the dinghy captain to take us closer to it to check it out and it was a very good thing that our naturalist followed his instinct because once we got there we got to see a feeding frenzy of multiple species. There were sea lions fishing, boobies diving for food, brown noddies catching whatever they could and up in the sky frigates were stealing fish from every other bird they could, but the most interesting and amazing spectacle to behold was to watch a colony of pelicans fishing. There must have been at least ten pelicans rounding up fish and taking turns trying to catch them as they came close to the surface. It was so busy there, with every species feeding at the same time and in all the commotion some pelicans were lucky to catch big fish. Some fish were even too big for the pelicans to eat but that didn’t stopped them as they kept trying. They worked hard for their food but the big effort paid off!

Martín Barreiro

Martin Barreiro, born and raised in Quito in 1982, began studying photography as soon as he got out of high school. Soon after this, he found himself with the opportunity to live in London, England, which is where he continued his career in photography while experiencing the European culture. Afterwards, he moved to Houston, Texas, where he got a degree as a Professional Commercial Photographer.

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