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Santiago Island, a natural paradise

Santiago Island, a natural paradise

Northern Islands

Santa Cruz II – August 8-12, Santiago Island
Mauricio Tomalá

“Puerto Egas in Santiago Island is one of my favourite visitor sites. The black sandy beach is very nice, the snorkelling here is one of the best of the Galapagos. We were swimming among a big school of yellow tailed surgeonfish as sea lions showed up; we kept swimming and sea turtles and a whitetip reef shark appeared. The walk on the shore was amazing, marine iguanas blend so well with the black lava when lying down to regulate their body temperature, and seeing the Galapagos fur seals climbing up on the rocks was pretty cool as well. Galapagos Islands are truly a natural paradise!”

Mauricio Tomala

Since a little kid, Mauricio fell in love with nature. Back in 1989 when his father got a teaching job in Galapagos, Mauricio and his entire family moved to the islands.

He became a Galapagos National Park guide in 1999. Since then, Mauricio has led many trips around the islands. He was also a Trip Leader in mainland Ecuador, as well as in Lima, Cuzco and Machu Pichu, Peru.

Mauricio has travelled all over south america, and that has helped him to understand better the biodiversity of the whole continent. He is fluent in Spanish, German & English.

After many years of experience, he has developed a passion for geology, genetics and history. His studies include a Bachelor and a Master degree in law. He is currently doing his Phd in enviromental law at Castilla La Mancha University of Spain.

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