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The Santa Cruz II is a spacious ship, with four of its five decks containing a variety of roomy, contemporary areas detailed with carefully chosen modern elements. Guests will have no trouble finding their way around due to its clever layout, which includes wide hallways and broad stairwells. From dining spaces, both inside and outside, the gym and Hot Tubs, to the sophisticated bar and lounge, as well as the fully-stocked library, the vessel is designed to please using sophisticated simplicity.

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Cabin Distribution

Santa Cruz II cabins distribution


Santa Cruz Decks

Lounges and Deck Spaces

Indoors and out, the Santa Cruz II offers handsome installations that make the most of the Galapagos, ensuring your stay on board will perfectly complement the day’s outings.

On the Sky Deck, guests can relax and enjoy the sun at the solarium/ sun deck or exercise in the fitness room outfitted with treadmills.

On the Panorama Deck, guests can relish the equatorial outdoors on the aft terrace, which doubles as an area for enjoying a barbeque snack. The large bar/lounge offers a relaxing area to unwind amid the Santa Cruz’s legendary convivial atmosphere. On the same deck, guests are also welcome to visit the modern bridge, featuring state-of-the-art electronic navigation equipment, run by our highly experienced captains.

On the Expedition Deck, our guides will welcome you to an ample reading room and natural history library, with up-to-date technology for presentations on the geology, biology, and history of Darwin’s fa – bled “Laboratory of Evolution”Facing the prow, it’s a fantastic, calm place to view the beauty of the archipelago in a climate-controlled environment. An open multi-purpose room on the deck’s starboard side is available for children’s programmes and other events. The aft features twin hot tubs.

On the Horizon Deck, besides Explorer cabins, you will find the gift shop, reception area and the infirmary, where a medical doctor is on call 24/7 (consultations are free of charge).

The Beagle Restaurant is located to the aft on the Ocean Deck.

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