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Expedition Journal: A Marriage Proposal in Galapagos!

Expedition Journal: A Marriage Proposal in Galapagos!

Here on the Santa Cruz II, one of the biggest ships to operate in the Enchanted Islands, we get all sorts of passengers from virtually every corner of the world. This ultimately means that, every now and then, we get some rather spectacular requests. Regardless of what our guests ask of us, our crew and team aboard the Santa Cruz II works together as a team to fulfill these requests at all costs. Especially when they involve a marriage proposal in Galapagos!

Marriage proposal in Galapagos

Bartolome Island

The Setup

From the very first day, this particular gentleman had a very important mission and was in need of our help. He told pretty much the entire crew about his intended goal with with this trip and kindly asked our expedition leader for assistance in orchestrating this once-in-a-lifetime event (in a once-in-a-lifetime destination!). Eventually, he also reached out to me, the photographer onboard. Not long after, the entire plan started to take shape and all the pieces gradually began falling into place. It was all set up to be an elaborate surprise, in which everyone knew their role and kept quiet. Somehow, even though it was never said out loud, we all decided to be super discrete.

Getting Ready

The plan was that, on the third day of the cruise, during our afternoon visit to Bartolome Island, this gentleman was going to ask his girlfriend to marry him. Bartolome is an awesome place that looks like no other island in the archipelago, it has a unique geography decorated by lava flows and very little vegetation. It looks like an entirely different planet! The trail goes all the way to the summit where there is an amazing 360-degree view that showcases the magnificent islands that sit near Bartolome. It’s also an excellent vantage point to admire one of the most dominant and well-known landmarks in the Galapagos – the famous Pinnacle Rock! The idea was that once we reached the summit, this particular gentleman would find the perfect moment to pop the question an achieve one of the best marriage proposal in Galapagos ever!

Marriage proposal in Galapagos

The happy couple!

The Execution: A dreamy marriage proposal in Galapagos!

The execution was flawless. We went about doing the excursion and exploring the visitor site as we normally would. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the unique beauty of the island. The naturalist was guiding the group, answering the usual questions when we finally made it to the top. Once there, everyone lined up to have their picture taken with the Pinnacle Rock in the background. Finally, the couple walked up to the spot, but instead of moving along and letting other people go through, our knight in shining armor dropped to one knee and built up the courage to ask his girlfriend to marry him! We are happy to report that she eagerly agreed, making this particular day one for the books! Now, Bartolome Island will be the home of a memory they’ll cherish and treasure forever!

Marriage proposal in GalapagosMarriage proposal in GalapagosMarriage proposal in Galapagos


Martín Barreiro

Martin Barreiro, born and raised in Quito in 1982, began studying photography as soon as he got out of high school. Soon after this, he found himself with the opportunity to live in London, England, which is where he continued his career in photography while experiencing the European culture. Afterwards, he moved to Houston, Texas, where he got a degree as a Professional Commercial Photographer.

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