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The Magnificent Española Island

The Magnificent Española Island

On the last day of a very fun cruise in the magnificent Española Island, the weather wasn’t the one everybody was expecting, as the panga ride to shore was really rough and the ocean dashed against the rocks in Punta Suarez. Hundreds of iguanas were lying on the beach at our arrival. The walk began, and as the path turned more difficult, we were glad the sun wasn’t that strong to burn our necks.

We were able to see many Nazca boobies and even some blue-footed boobies dancing for their couples. Then came the waved albatross, what an amazing animal. So large! So funny! There were tons of them dancing, walking and flying. We could even see some of their eggs in the nests. It was really an incredible walk with so much to see. As our guide was explaining the characteristics and behavior of this sea bird, the ocean was hitting the rocks with fury that we could hear it so clearly even as we walked inside the island. Then, it was time for the cherry on the cake and a little rest with it. I was excited because I knew that the aggressiveness of the ocean could only mean a spectacular blowhole show. And so it was, we sat down for around 15 minutes watching the most amazing show created by the pressure of water and fissures of rocks. The sun was also out, and the droplets of water created by this natural phenomenon were just what all visitors of the magnificent Española Island needed to go on.

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