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Top Ways to Find Your Inner Peace in Galapagos

Top Ways to Find Your Inner Peace in Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands are located off the coast of Ecuador, but they might feel like they’re millions of miles away from civilization. Numerous islands make up the Galapagos, and each adventure that you take on vacation will have a new experience. If finding peace is a challenge in your everyday life, allow the islands to open your mind and offer inner peace in Galapagos that can follow you all the way home. These islands are truly magical when you actively engage with the flora and fauna.  The Galapagos will probably not solve all your problems, but the experience of being there will certainly lead you in the right way. It’s all about finding inspiration.

Landscape Galapagos

Landscape Galapagos

Setting the Tone is Always Fun

From the minute you fly out from the mainland you will start to feel at ease. Then, when visitors arrive to the Galapagos cruise, the crew takes care of everything. You’re able to relax aboard the vessel as you unwind. Enjoy a quiet evening by yourself, or join in with the other guests. Your time is your own as you escape to the Galapagos Islands.

Fun in Galapagos

Having fun in Galapagos

The Sand Is All Yours

When you visit the Galapagos, you’ll be brought ashore as part of a tour group. Head down to any of the available beaches where you can set up a lounging area. Lay out or sit down on the sand and close your eyes. Listen to the waves, chirping birds and other wildlife as you relax. Finding your inner peace in Galapagos may just require some solitude that’s possible on the wide-open beaches within the islands. Be aware of your surroundings, however, because sea lions may be curious about your presence. Simply observe and don’t touch the wildlife. Sink your fingers in the sand…play a little.

Beach of Galapagos

The sand is all yours

Becoming One With the Jungle

As you disembark your boat to explore one of the islands, you’ll notice a huge difference in terrain. The first vacation day may have been spent on the beach. However, you want to explore more of your inner peace in Galapagos by moving into the center part of the island. Most of the islands have a dry, beach area with a jungle-like elevation found inland. Hike up to the greenery where you may find fewer people compared to the beach level. Sit among the plants while you absorb the quiet and solitude. There’s no other place on earth that can calm you as easily as the Galapagos preserve. Keep an eye out for the unique flora and fauna of each island.

Beach area with a jungle like elevation

Beach area with a jungle like elevation

Swimming Among the Fish to find Inner Peace in Galapagos

Snorkeling is a popular diversion when you take a cruise. Consider this excursion to be part of your quest for inner peace in Galapagos. As you find your way underwater, the quiet will be extensive. You might hear your breathing and the far-off cries of marine animals. Leave your cares on the shore as you observe the animals hidden under the water’s surface. The Galapagos has countless fish species to enjoy, but you also want to look out for the marine iguana. Although you’ll normally find them sunning their bodies on the beach, they also jump into the water to eat algae. Seeing the underwater life of the Galapagos is so fascinating that you’ll forget all of your problems. Find beauty in absolute silence…and if you like to dive down, take that deep breath, feel the need of going deeper, relax, stay calm, now surface…repeat.

Swimming in Galapagos Galapagos fish

Unfold Your Visual Skills

If you’re a photography fan, you can’t find a better backdrop than these tropical islands. Charge up the batteries and head out early on a daylong photography hunt. You might start out with landscape and sky photos, such as the sun rising above the land. Graduate to photos of animals going about their day. As you move between subjects, focusing on other things beside yourself allows your mind to expand and relax. Inner peace in Galapagos is yours to enjoy. Play a little with shadows and reflections.

Unfold your visual skills in Galapagos

Unfold your visual skills in Galapagos

Bird Watching Opportunities

Nothing can be more calming that watching a bird go about its day. Pull out some binoculars and explore the islands. In many cases, your Galapagos cruise might have binoculars to borrow or rent just for this purpose. Try to be as quiet as possible as you move closer to a bird. This quiet behavior keeps the bird calm. As you gaze at the bird, you might make notes about their behavior or the species type. Among the islands, you’ll see blue-footed boobies, Galapagos penguins, flightless cormorants and more. You simply need to keep an eye out for any movement in the bushes or trees. Try to hear better their sounds and calls.

Birdwatching in Galapagos

Birdwatching in Galapagos

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Finding a Deeper Meaning in Life – how did it all start?

Your true inner peace in Galapagos may come from observing a specific type of bird: the finches. These islands are known for their history with Charles Darwin, who observed giant tortoises and mockingbirds, land iguanas and more. The famous finches were added later as icons of evolution. Take photos or notes of the finches that you see, and compare them to Darwin’s finches. Each finch may have a different beak, which is proof of natural selection working on these animals through the years. They developed, over time, unique and distinctive beaks in order to take on many niches available and eat a variety of foods as competition became a critical factor of survival. Finding your inner peace in Galapagos by realizing the reality of evolution and its impact on humans can be profound. Now you can question deeper subjects…how did it all start?

Land iguana Galapagos Sea lions in Galapagos

Blog Reviewed & Edited by: Francisco Dousdebés
All Images: Francisco Dousdebés

Francisco Dousdebes

Francisco “Pancho” Dousdebés is an Ecuadorian, born in Quito. Early in life he developed a special interest in natural sciences and a special predilection for the outdoors. After finishing high school in Ecuador, he travelled abroad as an exchange student and landed in the Midwest of the United States. Afterwards, Francisco studied Biology and, in 1986, had a great opportunity land right in his hands: to become a Naturalist Guide for the Galapagos National Park.

Currently, he is the Galápagos Product Manager for Yacht La Pinta, Yacht Isabela II and the Boutique Hotel Casa Gangotena in Quito. He loves to promote the beauty of Ecuador all over the World, and has participated in many Trade Shows, International Forums, and Roadshows together with the Ministry of Tourism and Quito Turismo. He is keen on explaining the role of sustainability in fragile destinations, and also gives lectures on Ecuador’s natural history, natural selection, evolution, and sustainable tourism. Traveling is certainly one of his passions, and whenever he has free time, he has already surely arrived at his next exploration destination.

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