Iguanas At Española Island

Iguana Avenue – Would you like to see iguanas at Española Island?

Punta Suarez – Española Island, 07 / JUN / 2016: We woke up early for a long walk in Española Island. The goal: watch some Albatrosses, and we were all excited to see them. As we got there first, we were able to see many marine iguanas while we were doing our dry landing. Crabs, iguanas and dark rocks, what a contrasting combination of colors. At the distance we could already spot two adult hawks waiting for us in he beach. Actually one was on top of the lighthouse but still, they were waiting. The guides had told us already that early in the morning it was possible to see many iguanas at Española Island with their reddish coloration sunbathing, but not as many as we really did. It was simply impossible to go by them without stepping some tails. They decided to make a communal bed on the path, and even when one of the guides tried to move them, they simply didn’t move. We were a bit concerded as the alternative way was through the bushes and going by some difficult rocks, but anyhow, there was no choice. So we did take a little longer, but in the end the walk went up normally and we did get to see many albatroses, Nazca and blue footed boobies and many, many iguanas.

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