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Explore the Spectacular Highlights of our Eastern Galapagos Islands Itinerary aboard the Santa Cruz II!

Explore the Spectacular Highlights of our Eastern Galapagos Islands Itinerary aboard the Santa Cruz II!

Regardless of when you choose to visit, the Galapagos Islands are consistently teeming with activity and a multitude of things to experience throughout the entire year!

Our Eastern Galapagos Islands Itinerary is one the most comprehensive expeditions that we offer throughout the Galapagos, thanks in large part to its length and multitude of visitor sites it explores. In this blog, we invite you to consider the excellent benefits that this particular Eastern excursion provides when compared to our Western and Northern Galapagos itineraries.

The longer, the better

eastern galapagos islands highlights

Another lovely day on Española

Galapagos expedition experts have always recommended that a bare minimum of 5-days is what’s recommend for visitors to adequately “get a sense” of what Galapagos has to offer. Anything over this bare minimum will give you a wholly grandiose and complete experience of the Enchanted Islands. This is why we often recommend our 7 day/6 night Eastern Galapagos Itinerary for those looking to get more than just a taste of what Galapagos has to offer. With excellent island coverage and island exclusivity, this itinerary aboard the Santa Cruz II is the way to go. After all, if you’re going to make it this far out, why not make the most of it?

You’ll visit the #1 Island to Experience in Galapagos

eastern galapagos highlight

The “Blowhole” Geological Formation

That’s right, Española Island (otherwise known as the Grand Central Station of Wildlife) in Galapagos consistently ranks as the top island to visit in the archipelago, as per the opinion of our guides, guests, and expedition leaders.

With an astounding diversity of wildlife, an amazing coastline consisting of dramatic cliffs and as the only island in Galapagos to serve as the home of the majestic waved albatrosses, it’s no wonder that Española is number one on everybody’s list of islands. Speaking of the waved albatrosses….

You’ll get to experience the LARGEST bird in all of Galapagos

waved albatross galapagos largest bird

Dazzle your eyes as they witness the largest bird in Galapagos with its majestic wingspan of the Galapagos albatross! You’ll find them nesting beginning in April and, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see their quirky yet mesmerizing courtship dance that drums up an incredibly cacophonous melody as their beaks rattle against each other!

A Trifecta of Iconic Species (and more)!

You won’t have to worry about whether it’s a Nazca, blue- or red-footed booby that you’ll get to experience, because this Eastern Galapagos Itinerary is an all-footed” boobies experience!

galapagos boobies

Not to mention, you’ll witness all three major species of iguana that the Galapagos are home to: marine, land and Santa Fe. Additionally, you’ll find that two special guests will make an appearance as well: Galapagos fur seals and sea lions! That’s already EIGHT fantastic members of our BIG15 list of iconic species. And it doesn’t stop there, for this entire Eastern itinerary will allow you to see up to THIRTEEN MEMBERS (nearly 90%) of our BIG15 list of iconic species!

Deliberating on Vessel Size? Don’t! 

snorkeling galapagos

Captivated by the itinerary length, but doubting the larger size of Santa Cruz II? Have no fear dear reader, our handy blogs (Volume 1 and Volume 2) on the real deal behind Galapagos vessel size are here! In a nutshell, however, it all comes down to realizing that, in spite of the larger size of the Santa Cruz II, you’re entitled to:

A multi-guided guided expedition

More guides means you’ll have more activities to choose from and more specialized groups to be a part of.


The bigger the boat, the more stability you get. Additionally, this Eastern Galapagos Islands itinerary is “seasickness proof” in the sense that it only navigates around islands that are protected from the stronger currents that flow into Galapagos. The Santa Cruz II saves its longest navigations for nighttime, while daytime navigations are only limited to lasting less than a few hours.

recreational areas galapagos cruise

Solarium/Sun deck on the Santa Cruz II

Larger recreational spaces

To lounge out on, have sometime time to yourself, and relish the Galapagos in absolute comfort and solace – why wouldn’t you want to have that extra space?

Charles Darwin was here…

The Punta Pitt visitor site will see you retracing the steps of renowned biologist Charles Darwin! This was one of the places he actually managed to disembark at during his visit in the Galapagos back in 1835.

Christopher Klassen

With parents that worked for the U.S. Foreign Service up until he graduated from high school, Chris was raised to have the heart of a nomad throughout his life. He has resided in Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia, Panama and Ecuador throughout his years, and just recently spent the past four up in Canada finishing his Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy & English at the University of British Columbia.

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