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Hide-and-Seek at Genovesa Island

Hide-and-Seek at Genovesa Island

14th July, 2016 – Today is the last day of the Northern Itinerary cruise, and without a doubt the best day! We were ready to play hide and seek at Genovesa Island. The mission was to find a special owl that’s difficult to spot as it merges and camouflages perfectly with the rocks.

Genovesa Island is always waiting for its visitors with a million things to see. Since the panga ride, everybody was so surprised and amused by the amount of birds flying up and down the cliffs; we even saw a tropicbird in its nest and many gulls with their babies.

We had a dry landing and after we climbed the stairs, it was all there. Hundreds of boobies flying, resting and walking around us. Roberto, our guide told us there was a special owl living in the island that is very difficult to spot as it merges and camouflages perfectly with the rocks.

We were the last group and as we were getting deeper in the trail, all the groups that were already going back and passed by our side, told us how hardly they tried to find it, without success. Roberto didn’t let our hope die, so we went to the open area passed the trees, sat down in the rocks and simply watched.

Nobody complained, we really could have stayed at Genovesa Island for hours. The ocean breeze hit us in such a refreshing way under the intense sun that I might as well fallen asleep. But time passed by, and after 15 minutes we could see our guide starting to get anxious because there weren’t many more places to look at. Suddenly, Andrea, an Ecuadorian teenager started pointing out to a place just in front of us. Nobody could believe it! We have had the short-eared owl under our nose for all that time (and maybe the other groups too) without even noticing it. But truth to be told, the way it camouflaged with the rocks was simply unbelievable.  Finally we did get to see this beautiful animal, it was worth the wait!

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