Galapagos Sea Lion

Galapagos Sea Lion-Ding

Bartolome Island, 01/June/2016 –  We first arrived in Bartolome, and were ready for the long hike. It’s always amusing to see the OMG expression on the guests’ face when they see the top of the volcano in Bartolome Island from the panga. José was our guide, and the group “Dolphins” was ready to start the walk as we heard Roberto and the Frigates laughing just behind us. When we turned around, we saw the Frigates on the stairs trying to pass by a Galapagos sea lion that had taken possession of these. Roberto and Jose clapped at the sea lion for him to move but he was just there, sitting and not really bothered about the two Homo sapiens giving him a minute of glory. The guests were happy to see a Galapagos sea lion so close, but they seemed nervous too while being so close to this medium-sized friend, and with a reason! After a few minutes we were 5 (I had to leave the camera aside) and finally made our little fella move over a couple of feet away, and give us space to go in the path.  Some even preferred to walk over the rocks as he stayed lying on mid stairs. It was very fun to see a thirsty for fame friend and the guides struggling to get him out of the path to start the excursion. What a great welcome to this awesome island!

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