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Galapagos great experience – testimonial Santa Cruz II

Galapagos great experience – testimonial Santa Cruz II

[00:00:00] Male Child: Galapagos [foreign language].
[00:00:02] Female Child:
Galapagos [foreign language].
[music] [00:00:14] Brent Boyett:
Hi, we’re Brent and Sandra Boyett. We’re from Hamilton, Alabama. That’s up in the northwest part of the State of Alabama. Since the days of studying about Darwin and the Galapagos when we were in college, I think we both thought that this was on our bucket list of things to do and we always dreamed of coming to Galapagos. Then when we had children, we thought it was only natural that we bring our kids along so they can share in this experience.
[00:00:40] Zack Boyett:
Hi, I’m Zack Boyett and this is–
[00:00:43] Austin Boyett:
[00:00:44] Zack:
I’m 15 and she’s 15.
[00:00:46] Austin:
We’re twins.
[00:00:47] Zack:
Twins. Well, we’ve always wanted to come to the Galapagos Islands and our parents are big into science. I like science and-
[00:00:58] Austin:
I love science.
[00:00:58] Zack: –
she likes science.
[00:00:59] Austin:
Biology is my favorite subject.
[00:01:01] Sandra Boyett:
Our children have always been fascinated with science. So, we’ve really been pleased to see how their background has complemented being here and we thought they might be bored but they have not been bored.
They’ve loved every moment of it. They’ve been able to understand what’s being said about the processes that go on here and so we’re just thrilled that we’re able to travel with them and give them this experience before their college years.
[00:01:29] Zack:
It’s just a very great experience learning about the different processes here and the tortoises. It’s all been very great.
[00:01:38] Children:
[foreign language].
[music] [00:01:45] [END OF TRANSCRIPT]

Santa Cruz II – Western Islands Itinerary

Santa Cruz II

The Santa Cruz II ensure sumptuous surroundings from which to take in the magnificent vistas of the Galapagos Islands.

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