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Galapagos Cruise / Galapagos Vacation Personality Quiz

User Avatar Written by: Nathalie Moeller
Guests on a panga ride in the Galapagos islands.

In order to, perhaps, simplify the task of finding out if you are fit for a true Galapagos vacation, we’ve concocted the following (long-awaited) Galapagos Vacation Personality Quiz:

1. Do you like nature shows on TV?

Galapagos Islands tours are very much like being part of the film crew that gets the unique footage of nature at its wildest. Animals surviving the best they can is what I’m talking about. Nothing gory about it, it’s just a lesson in life, so don’t hesitate to make this a family holiday!

2. Do you enjoy a full day’s worth of seeing things that don’t exist anywhere else on earth?

Galapagos expedition cruises can actually take you and your loved ones to Fernandina, the most pristine island on earth; Galapagos expedition cruises take you to a land where things are truly backwards: sharks don’t bite, penguins don’t live in snow, reptiles become fish.

3. Do you like swimming? (And would you mind swimming with a shark?)

Galapagos vacations offer the golden opportunity to swim with underwater creatures, including, believe it or not, sharks. Of course, we are not speaking of Great White sharks but the smaller, gentler White-tipped Sharks. Galapagos travel can even put you face to face with dolphins, octopus, swordfish, sea horses, eels? the list is long!

4. Can you cope with the equatorial sun?

Galapagos vacations involve white-sand beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters where the sun is the protagonist. So unless you have developed a phobia, good 50+ sun block should protect you from the evils of paradise.

5. Can you deal with a little trekking here and there?

If a little exercise is an issue, then maybe Galapagos Islands tours are not the best bet. We don’t mean straight ahead jogging. We mean being rewarded for healthy 1-hour trekking with magnificent views of nature.

6. Do you like photographing?

Your usual cruise tour will take you to monuments where a picture’s purpose is to say you and your family was there, but Galapagos cruise tours tend to find the artist in everyone.

If you’ve said yes to 5 of the 6 questions, then you can probably start planning your trip.