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Galapagos’ Diving Masters, the Blue-footed Boobies

User Avatar Written by: María del Carmen Ramírez
Blue-footed booby feeding.

One of the most amazing things about sea birds is their ability to adapt to ocean conditions. Here in the Galapagos we are lucky to have such a large variety of these amazing creatures and to have the chance to learn about their fantastic adaptations, unique characteristics that have developed over time. For example, Galapagos blue-footed boobies can dive to about 100 feet (90 meters) deep: That fact makes you wonder what about their body structure and shape makes that possible. It is fascinating to see boobies diving in very shallow water. The do not get hurt at all because they can actually cushion their impact with the water at the moment they hit the surface. It is as if they had airbags in their skulls. Punta Pitt is a great place to sea these Galapagos blue-footed boobies diving!

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