Galapagos American Flamingo

Galapagos American Flamingo Airlines

“Las Bachas” is the perfect place for a sunset! The inhabited side of Santa Cruz Island has the perfect breeze, water temperature and of course, the perfect visitor site one can ask for. Iguanas camouflaged in black rock contrasting with red Sally Lightfoot crabs are just the beginning. We were the second group to disembark and we already heard there were some flamingos on the second pond. So we walked in that direction and in fact we saw them. So beautiful and incredibly close to where we stood. They were posing for us with their long necks and vibrant feathers. But that wasn’t the only thing these magnificent animals had prepared for us. As we started walking back, a huge bird could be seen from the distance coming towards us. It was a fourth Galapagos american flamingo heading to the pond where we just were. So everybody raised their cameras and waited, waited for this awesome bird to go over our heads showing off its beauty and color as we have never seen it before!

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