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Fernandina Island a Unique Geological Formation

Fernandina Island a Unique Geological Formation

Santa Cruz II

12th to 17th October
María del Carmen Ramírez

Fernandina Island is one of the most impressive islands in the Galapagos because of its unique geological make up. The island is only a few hundred thousand years old, and because of this it shows remarkable features of recent formation. Its lava flows, products of recent eruptions, provide a home for new species. Here, you can see clearly how species can managed to survive and adapt after their arrival from long distances. Colonizing a new territory and establishing a population are very challenging, and only those that can adapt well to this new environment and find a mate to reproduce are the ones that will persist. During our Western Islands itinerary on the Santa Cruz II, we had a great visit to Fernandina Island and enjoyed walking on its recent lava flows. We were surrounded by marine iguanas everywhere… it was like walking on a lava flow with a marine iguana flow running over it!

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