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Hundreds of Dolphins in Galapagos!

Hundreds of Dolphins in Galapagos!

7th July, 2016 – From my point of view, the second day on the ship tends to be the most exciting for all guests who travel to Galapagos. The idea of having a room already to go back to, is an incentive for making the best out of every activity and expedition. In the morning during the snorkelling activity we observed a large amount of sea turtles. A promising day… and I wasn’t mistaken! After lunch, while everybody was starting to get comfy for a nice recovering nap, an announcement that included the word dolphin made everyone jump off our seats to every outdoor area of the Santa Cruz II.  It didn’t really matter where you went, as there were hundreds of dolphins in Galapagos surrounding the boat. It was amazing! They were jumping and swimming next and in front of the boat. Just like pets going for a run. It was impossible to count them, but if I have to guess, I would say there were around 200.

It was indeed a day to remember and I’m sure many of the guests, even if they had already seen or even swum with this magnificent animal, had never seen that many at once. All this accompanied by an amazing Galapagos sunset.

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