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More Happenings Aboard the Santa Cruz II: Commemorating Darwin’s Visit to Galapagos 182 Years Ago

More Happenings Aboard the Santa Cruz II: Commemorating Darwin’s Visit to Galapagos 182 Years Ago

The bonding of both and past and present is a remarkable experience to find yourself in. When history and the present overlap in this way, as it’s been doing for these past two weeks for us here aboard the Santa Cruz II Galapagos cruise, it’s both an incredibly special experience for all our guests and our crew members. What would the islands have been without Charles Darwin? Would they be anywhere near as impressive as they are today without him? We highly doubt it, but that’s not to say his experience of the islands was monumental for history.

What Darwin did was effectively give the Galapagos Islands a powerful scientific and historical undertone. The creatures would probably still be just be as beautiful, but his presence here nearly two centuries ago allows us to understand the why’s behind every unique what we witness. It also brings into light the fact that these islands are a relatively recent discovery (at both cartographic and scientific levels).

What ultimately comes to mind is how we much we owe to all the explorers, adventurers, and scientists for helping us understand the world and the Galapagos Islands as we do today.

Commemorating Darwin’s Visit to Galapagos Aboard the Santa Cruz II

After a careful bit of research, studying and tracing, we found out that the Santa Cruz II Galapagos cruise actually coincided directly or parallel to a lot of the places (and even the exact dates!) that Charles Darwin himself visited when he was in the Galapagos. As a result, our guests and crew members were treated to a near-complete retracing of Darwin’s footsteps 182 years after the fact. Since Darwin visited the islands for a little over a month, we’ve been commemorating his arrival and visit throughout the Galapagos by doing a series of special events on board. Said events were also complemented with focused talks and lectures regarding his experience throughout the islands, and such.

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Commemorating Charles Darwin’s Visit to Galapagos

The young Charles Darwin that explored the Galapagos was a very meticulous and insightful observer. His descriptions of the otherworldly flora and iconic fauna he encountered on the islands is incredibly detailed in his journal. All of this, along with the islands’ incredibly unique and iconic geology, were a substantial part of his growing process and would eventually serve as the cornerstone for his theory of evolution.

The Santa Cruz Galapagos cruise explored the same sites Darwin visited, on the exact day, during our Western Islands itinerary (29th of September) and will continue to coincide with young Darwin’s footsteps this coming 8th of October during our Eastern Islands itinerary.

Christopher Klassen

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