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On a Day Like Today – Charles Darwin Story

AUGUST 29, 1831 – Charles Darwin Story: On a day like today, 185 years ago, Charles Darwin received a letter that would radically change his future and which would eventually prove to be the beginning of a series of small steps that led to his development of the theory of evolution by natural selection. In his letter, Rev. John Henslow and George Peacock formally invited Darwin to embark on the HMS Beagle on its two-year journey – initially planned for 5 years! – beginning on 25th September. Read more to know about this interesteding story about Charles Darwin story.

Darwin’s father and sisters opposed the journey, mostly because they thought it would be yet another waste of time for him. However, his father, Robert Darwin, told him that if he could find someone with enough common sense who thought that the journey was a good idea, he would let him go. Charles Darwin, meticulous as always, found the person: his uncle, Josiah Wedgwood II (who was also his father-in-law because he was married to his cousin, Emma Wedgwood!). Two days later, Josiah Wedgwood II wrote a letter to Dr. Robert Darwin with all of his arguments in favour of the journey. Charles Darwin was officially accepted on board the HMS Beagle. This was a crucial date in the development of the theory of evolution, since this voyage is what allowed Darwin to see with his own eyes what most didn’t even suspect existed. Take a look at the pictures and meet the characters of this fascinating story. Read on about the interesting history of the Galapagos Islands.

Robert Darwin John Henslow Josiah Wedgwood

Voyage of the Beagle

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Santa Cruz II

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