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Caring Flightless Cormorant

Caring Flightless Cormorant

After a fun snorkel morning in Vicente Roca, we lifted anchor and sailed to the youngest island in the archipelago, Fernandina: land of lava, caring flightless cormorants and iguanas. The weather was perfect as it wasn’t too hot, and of course, it wasn’t cold. Tide was changing and so the entrance to the island made us remove our shoes to go by a flooded mangrove area. It was a funny sensation to have all this seaweed on our feet.

When we got to this area, it was impressive to see all the petrified lava flow, it really was as the guide said: how it all began. Big masses of rocks with a couple of cactus growing through it. Magnificent! Iguanas were everywhere too, piled up in hundreds, sunbathing. The ocean shore was full of sea turtles lifting their heads out of the water to catch their breath back. We couldn’t expect it to get any better; but we heard that a flightless cormorant was laying in its nest just by the rocks, so we walked in that direction to admire this unique flightless and blue-eyed bird. It was so beautiful and peaceful. Suddenly, from the water came out another flightless cormorant, but this time he was heading towards the nest, with a piece of seaweed in the mouth. It was so amusing to see him walking by us and providing for his family this important “construction material”. Such a nice family scene, even some of the couples who were witnessing this moment, hugged each other in response.

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