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Baby Sea Turtle in a Raw World (so beautiful yet so cruel)

Baby Sea Turtle in a Raw World (so beautiful yet so cruel)

Floreana Island15/MAY/2016 –  Last day of an amazing week in paradise. The group on board has been fun! Half of it is Spanish speaker and the other half speaks English, but there was no language barrier to become good friends. At Punta Cormorant in Floreana Island, we had a wet landing and were hoping to see some flamingos in the lagoon, and so we did! A little far but we saw 3 adults and a smaller juvenile. Sunset was getting close and the afternoon was marvelous. We walked to the beach on the other side of the island and as we got closer, we saw many frigates near the coast and close to the ground. The guide told us to run as it was possible for us to see the hatching of the sea turtles. When we got there, someone told us she just saw how a frigate had stolen a baby sea turtle, and as she was about to cry, someone else cried out to look towards the ocean. There was a small turtle that was about to make it to the water! She was so beautiful, so unprotected. Everybody from a distance was just so anxious for her to get into the water and run away from the hungry frigates.

When she finally made it, everybody was so happy that we even clapped our hands. Unfortunately, life is so beautifully cruel and danger does not cease when turtles reach the water. There are many threats for them still, and while they are not in deep water, they are still visible from the air. Another frigate started flying towards the turtle and even though she missed at first, she finally caught her. It was a sad but amazing experience no one will ever forget. Thank you baby sea turtle, and yes… thank you frigate.

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