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Bringing Up the Baby: Sea Lion Sighting on Our First Day in Galapagos

Bringing Up the Baby: Sea Lion Sighting on Our First Day in Galapagos

The Galapagos is a faraway cluster of land. It is a site protected extensively, in part, for the sake of the visitors who wish to witness its magic, but principally for the wildlife that call this place home. Making the trip all the way out here always pays off, and sometimes it’s in the form of baby sea lion sightings!

One must always keep in mind that getting out to the Galapagos is quite an adventurous journey and even a challenge for some of our guests. The Galapagos National Park is a highly protected destination, and as a result, there are also specific protocols that must be followed before entry. Your bags, for example, will be sent through additional security checks at the airport before your departure (from Quito or Guayaquil) to assure that no passengers are carrying items that could potentially contaminate this remarkably pristine island ecosystem. All of these extra security measures are necessary in order to protect this wonderful piece of paradise. In the end, the islands’ remote location and these protective steps might make for a rather long commute (depending on your travelling experience).

Baby Sea Lion

Baby Sea Lion

For this reason, the first day on the Enchanted Islands for our guests is often a tiring one; but nevertheless, as I said before, it always pays off. The Galapagos Islands almost always deliver their wonders from the very first moment you set foot on the islands. It’s no wonder that visitors always look back on it with nothing but fond memories.

On our first day of the expedition, we visited North Seymour Island. From that moment on, all of our efforts to reach this humble cluster of islands in the middle of nowhere began to pay off. This specific island is normally a great place to see a variety of different birds due to the fact that it features a special landing spot for our panga (raft). This time, however, the highlight of our visit was not the birds (as it tends to be). It turns out the birds were resting and not as active as they usually are during this time of the day on the island.

Our treat during this visit was seeing a mother sea lion and her baby pup. The baby sea lion was extremely playful, jumping all around and unintentionally posing for pictures. The mother and her baby were “kind” enough to stick around our area for a very long time and all our guests had a chance to check them out and snap photos. It was a great opportunity for our guests to understand the way in which we interact with Galapagos wildlife from day one. Everyone had a chance to take plenty of pictures without disturbing them, too. This encounter was a rather fantastic greeting for all our guest and it set a positive tone for the rest of the expedition.

Sound exciting to you? Look into your options for a Galapagos cruise today! Galapagos wildlife is waiting for you!

Martín Barreiro

Santa Cruz II

The Santa Cruz II ensure sumptuous surroundings from which to take in the magnificent vistas of the Galapagos Islands.

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