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3 Tips to Choose your Galapagos Expedition

3 Main Tips To Choose The Best Galapagos Expedition Tours

The Galapagos Islands. You’ve dreamt of it for a lifetime. A place where history has been made. For centuries, home to pirates and whalers, but mostly to highly unusual fauna, and an inspiration for Darwin’s theory as presented in On the Origin of Species. Not to mention it is one of the few places on Earth where the wildlife shows no fear of humans. Find your best Galapagos tours by asking these questions:

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Tips To Choose the Best Galapagos Tours

When it comes to Galapagos Islands cruises, one size does not necessarily fit all. Multiple-guided ships offer distinct advantages for travellers to witness myriad natural wonders across one of the world’s most cherished wildlife destinations. Some three-quarters of cruise ships in the Galapagos are sized for 16 guests, and because this number coincides exactly with the National Park’s rules for group size, guests on board these ships generally have no choice but to explore the islands as a single group. With multiple-guided ships, such as those of Metropolitan Touring, having multiple guides on board allows guests to visit the islands in smaller-sized groups: just 11-12 guests per guide on average. With the potential for further divisions based on interest (birding, for instance), language (English, Spanish, and German, to name a few), and activity level (easy-going to strenuous), group sizes often run even smaller. Read on! Learn about important tips to help you choose the best Galapagos tours!


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Do I Have to Do the Exact Same Thing my Travel Mates are Doing at All Times While We´re in the Galapagos National Park?

There are numerous ways to explore and have fun in Galapagos. With land-based travel, you have greater scheduling options for any activity occurring outside the park boundaries. But if you want to visit any sites within the park limits, it’s important to remember that the National Park Authorities require that you do so accompanied by a licensed Naturalist Guide, which means you will have the greatest flexibility on multi-guided expedition vessels and yachts during your Galapagos tour.

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Galapagos Tours Tip 2

Will I Have Access to Medical Care on Board?

Lucky for you if you enjoy constant good health, but having an MD Officer (Doctor) can make all the difference on your Galapagos tour, considering that you’re travelling in a remote region. All operators watch out for the safety and security of their guests, and the National Park authority has its own facilities and emergency medical transport available. But some operators take guest safety to another level by investing in a permanent medical presence on board.

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Galapagos Tours Tip 3

If I Choose A Single-Guided Boat, Will I Get Exclusive Access To Locations In The Galapagos National Park?

At each visitor site, you will generally find more than 4 single-guided boats per visitor site or only 1 expedition vessel. Why? Because according to Galapagos National Park (GNP) rules, each visitor site has its own maximum number of guests permitted at any given time. All itineraries  must be approved by the authorities. Careful itinerary design, not ship size, is what ensures exclusivity and top wildlife viewing opportunities on island visits.

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